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Plantar Fascia Sleeves, X-Large (RRP £14.99)

Plantar Fascia Sleeves, X-Large (RRP £14.99)

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Size: X-Large (KED087). Click Size Guide for More Information.

For support and compression around the heels and arches. Intended uses can include but are not limited to relief of pain on the bottom of your foot, around your heel and arch.

The Plantar Fascia Sleeves reduce the mobility of your feet by providing support to arches and ankles. Thus your alignment gets improved, and feet tissues don’t get stressed. They also help in preventing injuries due to exercising in bad posture.

Instructions for use 

  1. 1. Select correct size from size chart on the back of the packaging.
  2. 2. Fold over the top of the support and slide over appropriate foot.
  3. 3. Slide up to the ankle. With heel pattern positioned centrally to the heel.
  4. 4. Support should fit tightly but it should not restrict circulation.


Further information

The Plantar Fascia Sleeves provide targeted compression to support the arch and heel area of the foot. This helps relieve pressure on the plantar Fascia (connecting the heel bone to the toes). The sleeves are designed and produced from high quality, lightweight, breathable materials to help with recovery from injury and to prevent further damage. The sleeves can be worn alone or within shoes. Sleeping with the sleeve on may help reduce early morning foot pain by maintaining a stretch in the foot arches and calves whilst sleeping. 


Nylon, Elastane.



Hand wash in lukewarm soapy water, rinse and air dry. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct heat and sunlight.



For serious/recurring injuries or if a rash/discomfort develops, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. This product contains Latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Download PDF instruction leaflet for further information.

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